A Trip Takes Us

Frustrated in Jaco


Well the word for the week is FRUSTRATED. We are trying to get health insurance worked out from a foriegn country to be available when we arrive home.  This task is nearly impossible because of the distance, lack of connection and buearacracy that has already been established with the new health care system. First we can not logon from a computer with a foriegn IP address.  Secondly we can not get a broker authorized to help us with the application needed. Lastly the system is slammed busy because of the end of year crush.  Which all adds up to frayed nerves and short tempers.

On another insurance front our travelers insurance has denied our claim for the items that were stolen.  I do not want to into to much detail about this because the claim is currently open.  But we have received a letter stating the reason and we have decided to discuss this with our attorney. None the less it has led to more frayed nerves and even a few tears.

The heat and humidity of the Costa Rica summer has started to take its toll.  The past 7 weeks at 85 degrees and 80% humidity leave you with a sticky salty film that can only be fixed by multiple cold showers and nearly frozen beer. Both of which are readily available in this beach town. All the beer refrigerators have LED temprature gages on the outside telling the casual customer or nervous bar owner the current temprature on the interior of the case, 1.3° Celcius.

Jaco happens to be one of the best places on earth to learn how to surf. The beach has consistent wave action nearly everyday with little to no off shore wind. The waves are consistent in size and just right for begginers and intermediate surfers.  The slow sloped beach makes it easy to find the ground when paniced. The steady surge of the tides provides a mild rip current that is easy to understand. The surf board vendors are everywhere on the beach making it easy to negotiate a deal for your board rental or to buy a new or used board.


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