A Trip Takes Us

Camping in France


Camping in France started June 24

The sunflowers are from the Dordogne Valley July 15th. Our trip through France started in Loirre Valley with a bike ride to Chambord Chateaux, We went west to the coast to Mont-Saint Michel and Brittany. We took a break from France July 1-12 with Belgium and Germany and then returned to France from Germany through Lyon and into the Dordogne Valley July 12-20th.

Archery in the Dordogne Valley at one of the many castles near our Campsite.


A medivel horse show that was a lot of fun and also included horse dancing, good family entertainmen


Can't remember the name of this castle, but will find out.

This castle was great for families much more interactive than most and somewhere deep in my suitcase with many other flyers I can find out exactly which castle this was in the Dordogne Valley. There were many to choose from.

Pre-historic drawings.

This is not Lascaux caves, you could not take any pictures there but amazing place and highly recommend this part of France.

Lascaux III caves due to open in 2016.

The new caves are supposedly an exact replicable of what was found in the cave discovered by 4 boys in 1940. One of the boys still alive visits every year and I certainly revisit someday

We are sophisticated now, chairs and a table to eat at.


Ice Cream, Ice Cream can't tell you how much Ice cream we have bought.


Sadie and Sophie start to take a real liking to Mussels on this trip.


Good eats even from the back of the car.


Camping in France, in Europe over all much different than in Colorado.

Campsites came with many luxeries, swimming pools, a bakery (you put your order in for bread the night before), restaurants, WiFI, we watched an entire futbol game in the car in the middle of the night at this campsite.

Honfleur, Brittany France


Fun at the campsites

Most large campsites also have activities planned for kids all through out the week. We may have been more wise to just stay at one for an entire week, but there are so many things to see;)))

Thank-you Decathalon

We found our camping stove at a Decathalon a store that we have found all over Europe, you can buy a wide range of outdoor equipment at very low (or high) prices.

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