A Trip Takes Us



Barcelona August 17

Our last day in Spain was a great one.

Barcelona vs Bilboa in the Supernova Cup

Tied game 1-1 with 2 red cards and plenty of yellow, quite the game.
I thought I might loose Sam due to every other person in Barcelona wearing that jersey.

Gaudi Architecture

Looking forward to another couple days in Barcelona in November when were we will fly from to our next adventure, Costa Rica.

Segovilla, Spain

During our 1 month stay in Valencia we took 5 days to tour all around Madrid, but never going to the big city. We decided we just aren't big city people after London and Paris.

Roman Aquaducts amazing feat of construction.

Our 5 days included Toledo, Avilla, Salamanca and Segvilla a great road trip.

Salamanca, Spain

Everyone is laughing especially Sadie because she has managed to take the family selfie without Sam;))

Avilla, Spain

The walled city that I will have to return to so I can walk the walls like a good tourist is suppose to do. We had a little money problem and the ATM would not give us any so could not afford to walk the walls, little did I know Dave was hiding 5 Euros in his wallet.

Toledo, Spain


The kids favorite place in the Jardin de Turia

This man lying on the ground is a playground with all kinds of stairs, places to climb, slides and caves. A great outing while living in a 2 bedroom apartment the size of Dave and mine's bedroom.

Jardin de Turia

The Jardin de Turia is where a river use to flow through Valencia but has been turned into an amazing park with futbol, rugby, baseball fields, running trails, exercise equipment and playgrounds galore.

Central Market

Loved going here for fresh fish, ham, cheese fruits and vegtebles.

The marigold festival

Now this was interesting, floats and flower fights, see Dave's video for better interpretation.

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