A Trip Takes Us


Here are some websites that we like to use.  They have been really helpful with this trip and have made our experience better.


TravelMathLogoTRAVELMATH  is a great website for charting the distance by air, car, or foot and the estimated cost in fuel.    Been especially helpful with trip planning! We have even downloaded the mobile app.



RENAULT-EURODRIVE leases brand new cars with full insurance, registration and the works.  If you are road tripping in Europe this is the bomb.  Lease a car from 3 weeks up to however many months….





HOTELS.COM been a great resource and they have a great frequent user program, every 10th stay is free!  You would be surprised how fast the days add up.




TRIPADVISOR.com – You see the wise owl everywhere. It is helpful for planning and getting recommendations for places for entertainment, restaurants and accommodations. Love the OWL.


NOMADICMATT.COM a great blog and resource guide for travelers.  His tagline says it all Travel Better Cheaper Longer.  He has lots of advice and ideas for the Nomadic Lifestyle.




McDonalds – Ok I know it is crazy but we are Loving McDonalds. They provide free wifi, clean bathrooms, hot coffee and in Europe touch screen ordering in English.  Hard not to say convenient.  Ba da dat da dah….



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