A Trip Takes Us

Sam’s Note


My favorite place was Costa, because we learned Spanish and surfing. I like being in the environment. I thought the feeling on the board was awesome. The Spanish class was really fun.

I loved when we let baby turtles into the ocean before Spanish class. We got up and rode our bikes to the each. Where we found a little bucket of baby turtles. It was awesome to be letting them out into the ocean. When you put them out you flip them so they are facing, not the ocean. They turn around on their ow and some get unlucky and they get pushed back by the waves. I t was really exiting to experience that and I hope we can do it again someday.

The surfing was really fun. My teachers were Alex and Ethan. As we got there Alex went to a competition. He got 5th place in all of Central America. He and Ethan taught me how to surf. First, we started on a long board and once we could surf across the wave it got shorter. One early morning we went out because the tide was horrible in the afternoon. I got a short board. It got way harder to paddle on and  to get up on.  A few days after we got a stand up paddle board. and I tried it out. I went pretty far out and I saw a few dolphins, that was amazing. Then I came into the wave and I tried to catch a few waves but soon figured out that you have to turn the board right as you get the wave. I did that a few times and then we went surfing a while. I think surfing was my favorite thing to do in Costa.


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