A Trip Takes Us

Who Are We?

We are a family that is traveling around for a year. We have leased our house in beautiful Colorado and took our kids out of school for the year to go check out the big wide world.

Over a year ago, my family and I all updated our passports for a trip to Newfoundland, Canada and I said to my husband “we need to use these and get lots of stamps on them”.  My first passport was only used 2x’s in 10 years, Paris and Costa Rica.  That is how our year abroad started.  We agreed that Spain would be a great place, reasonabley priced, we could learn Spanish, the kids could play soccer and we had all of Europe to explore from there.  The planning began, so excited to get things rolling, I of course started buying plane tickets and Vacation Rentals by Owner in London, Paris and in Spain.  Always thinking, how hard could Residential Visas be to get for a family of 5 who really just wants to enjoy Spanish culture, learn their language and spend money in their country….. HARD.  Yes, we learned a lot in the process and in hind site, we should have hired someone to assist us in the visa process, our first important lesson.

That being said and no Spanish Visas in hand we are still going forward with our year abroad, we  just have to move onto Plan B.  We have almost 90 days in Europe planned, which is what our passports will allow us.  We are just starting to work on what to do next, eastern Europe, Croatia, Romania, Hungary and then hopefully Turkey and possibly Israel.  We are then considering South America for 6 months to learn Spanish, play soccer and enjoy the culture.  All things have not gone as planned but what we know for sure is A trip takes us, will be an adventure and I feel so very blessed to have this opportunity!!

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