A Trip Takes Us



IMG_9603What is your favorite food?
The market is full of great food, lets get some and start cooking.

What is your favorite drink?
Is it time for one right now?

What is your favorite sport?

What do you collect?
Hard Drives full of photos and videos

Where do you want to visit?

What are you going to do there?
Walk in the woods or ski.

What is you favorite movie?
Dr Zhivago

What was the last book you read?
“The Guitar Fretboard Workbook” trying teach myself guitar.  It is a long term process.

5 adjectives that describe you?
Fun, Generous, Insulated “like fat”, Creative, Red Headed

2 thoughts on “David

  1. Alana Albee

    Dave: I read your inspiring piece sent to Hoopes about the great adventure. Hope it goes well. I’m more than a bit envious (as a fellow globe-trotter of many years, although I have to admit that my last stop in Afghanistan was enough and I am happy to be home by the Big Lake).
    Sorry you’ll miss reunion. Your Class of 1990 sounds like a hoot and I’m looking forward to meeting them. Let me know via email where I can send you a copy of the little book that updates you on everyone’s story. It’s wild and wonderful; your story took the cake!
    All the best and enjoy every minute.
    Alana (Alumni & Development Office)

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