A Trip Takes Us



IMG_8508What is your Favorite Food?
Fettuccini Alfredo
What is your Favorite Drink?
Orange Juice
What is your Favorite sport?
What do you collect?
Soccer Jerseys
What is your favorite game?
Where do you want to visit?
What do you want to do there?
Jump up and down and do back flips.
What is your favorite read?
The Glass Castle
What book are you reading now?
The Mockingjay
What is your favorite movie?
The Princes Bride
5 adjectives that describe Sam
Annoying, Obnoxious, Energetic, Friendly, Happy

3 thoughts on “Sam

  1. Tracey Clark

    Hey Sam!

    We just got back from London – Wednesday, July 1 was the hottest day in the recorded history of London and nobody has air conditioning! It was miserable!!! Has it been hot where you are? Hope you’re having fun and learning a lot. Every time I go to Europe it makes me understand how much we have in the United States, almost too much! Try to remember something special, just one thing about every place you go – that will help you remember other things later too! Bye Friend! – Mrs. Clark P.S. Say hi to your family!

    1. David Post author

      Sounds smelly, London in the heat! Been in the Rhein Valley couldn’t be any hotter. Today 34 degrees Celsius. 96 degrees F.
      Sam says “Thanks! Will do. He says he will never forget staying up all night watching the women’s world cup semifinals in France. Cramped in a car at 1AM with the laptop and a spotty WiFi Connection.” Tonight we are in Boppard Germany watching the Finals in Hotel Rheinlust. GO US WOMENS NATIONAL TEAM! Take us to victory!

  2. Karen Cho

    Sam, you read the Glass Castle? Whoa, one of my favorites! Really enjoy reading your blogs! Keep it up!

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